Studio Etiquette & Safety | OTF
Late: Arrive 5 minutes before class time to ensure a proper warm up. Late comers are distracting to the trainers and other members in the class and don’t be surprised when trainers give you a 30 burpee penalty for your warm up. If you are more than 5 min late for your class, your spot will be released to a standby member. No entry to class after 10 minutes.

 Unattended Children: We love children but unfortunately it is against studio policy to have anyone under the age of 16 unattended on the premises. Please make suitable childcare arrangements in advance!

 Cell Phones: They are a major distraction to both the trainers and other members. Please leave your cell phone at the desk (ringer off please!). If you are expecting an urgent call, let us know and we’ll come and get you.
Reminder that when we are moving from treadmill to rower, or rower to floor, we need to stay consistent in our station number. For run rows: If you pick treadmill #3, then go to rower #3. For floor rows, if you’re using weight station #3, use rower #3. This will allow much smoother transitions around the studio floor!!
Stay safe and Maximize your workout: You know you come here to TRANFORM yourself, and yes… even to be UNCOMFORTABLE. So how do you know if you are sabotaging your efforts?
  • You jump the rails – It is dangerous, you risk the chance of slipping and falling! Not to mention it damages our treadmill flex decks. Also you cheat yourself from knowing your true all out.
  • You surf the treadmill – Yes it’s dangerous, and if you fly off the treadmill and break a leg, you can’t workout anymore. Take time to walk it out, slow down your heart rate to maximize your effort in the next PUSH.
  • You hold the railings – This decreases your caloric output by 30%!!! Supporting your body weight decreases your effort! Keep your arms moving and get those SPLAT points!
  • You chat with your peeps/use your cell phone – it is distracting to other members around you, making it unsafe. Please feel free to hang out after class to catch up with friend.

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