OTF Social Night – Let's Go Curling | OTF

Hurry Hard!!!!

Ever wanted to try your hand at curling? Already consider yourself a bonafide curler? No matter – we have booked three sheets at the Richmond Hill Curling Club along with three coaches to help you dominate the ice like a pro. And hey, if sliding up and down the ice with a broom is not for you, simply chill out in the licensed lounge and cheer on your favorite team.

Cost to participate is $25. No charge if you just wish to watch from the lounge. Please arrive at the curling club around 7pm to get set up. Matches will start at 7:30pm sharp!

We have a minimum of 24 spots to book. If we exceed that number we will split you up into heats so tell your friends and significant others – the more the merrier!!!!

Please RSVP with the front desk. We will be collecting your $25 up front fee to hold your spot so please have it ready!

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