Maximize Your Workout | OTF

You know you come here to BURN…to TRANFORM yourself, and yes… even to be UNCOMFORTABLE. So how do you know if you are sabotaging your efforts?

  • You jump the rails – It is dangerous, you risk the chance of slipping and falling! Not to mention it damages our treadmill flex decks. Also you cheat yourself from knowing your true all out.
  • You surf the treadmill – Yes it’s dangerous, and if you fly off the treadmill and break a leg, you can’t workout anymore. Take time to walk it out, slow down your heart rate to maximize your effort in the next PUSH.
  • You hold the railings – This decreases your caloric output by 30%!!! Supporting your body weight decreases your effort! Keep your arms moving and get those SPLAT points!
  • You chat with your peeps – it is distracting to other members around you, making it unsafe. Please feel free to hang out after class to catch up with friend.

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