Introducing the OT Beat Link Wrist band | OTF

We’re excited to announce a new (and awesome) alternative to the OTBeat chest straps! Introducing the OTBeat Link wristband, powered by Mio.  These wristbands are now available in the studio for $99.  You are welcome to try one out at your next class!

The OTbeat is the key to tracking your performance during your OTF classes. The OTbeat is pre-programmed for YOU and can ONLY be used by YOU.

* Your OTbeat system tracks your minutes in each zone in “real time.” This allows you to identify exactly how many more minutes you need in the orange/red zones in order to achieve the after burn.OT Beat 1
* OTbeat has a more powerful antenna. That means a stronger signal. OTbeat identifies you and brings you online the minute you enter the studio.
* OTbeat has Bluetooth compatibility and will connect with your smart phone for use outside of the studio! Simply download any fitness app compatible with a heart rate monitor and off you go in hot pursuit of some outdoor orange time.
* OTbeat is integrated with your Orangetheory app for quick review of workout results.

Are you ready to try one?


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