I'm On The Waitlist – Now What??? | OTF

We know you love your OTF classes and we always recommend booking classes in advance when you can.  If a class is full hop on the wait list as there is always a good chance you will get in your desired class.  In fact if you use our booking app you can actually track your progress as you make your way up the wait list.

So what happens once you are on the wait list?

You will receive an email confirmation when you have received a spot in your desired class – until our system is completely automated, please reply to the email or text the studio (289-809-8773) so that we know you’re coming!
If you are booked or waitlisted for multiple classes, please confirm your preferred time and then cancel out of the others immediately (including the waitlists) so you are not penalized as a no-show/late cancel. This also frees up space for another member to move up the waitlist! Hot Tip! If the class is full and we can give your spot to another member on the waitlist, you may avoid the penalty!

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