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Fitness Classes Richmond Hill

With all the fitness classes offered by various facilities in Richmond Hill, choosing the best can be really hard. However, you don’t have to be worried about it as, Orangetheory fitness provides best fitness classes in Richmond Hill. Our exercise classes in Richmond Hill have quickly gained wide popularity in the area because of the effective results that we always aim to provide to our customers.

Why choose our fitness classes in Richmond Hill

  • From the beginning itself, our customers get special benefits as, we provide variety of exercises and fitness regimes so, if you’re not sure which program you should opt for then, you’ll be delighted to know that our first session is absolutely free. Further, our plans are flexible and there is no contract, so you can pay as per the classes you attend.
  • We follow a unique and scientific approach for exercises, known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which is essential in increasing metabolic rates even after 24 to 36 hours after workout thus ensuring that you burn more calories. Further, each session is monitored closely with the help of several gadgets so that you get most effective results.
  • Not only we boast of best exercise classes in Richmond Hill but, we also offer variety in terms of trainers. So, according to your needs you can choose a personal trainer who will guide you during workout and also give you many tips and suggestions.

Fitness classes in Richmond Hill

Are you looking for highly effective exercise classes in Richmond Hill or Markham? Are you on a weight loss mission and ready to get started? Do you want an amazing workout led by certified personal trainers in Richmond Hill?

Orangetheory Fitness, the best interval training in Richmond Hill, uses the science of heart-rate based high intensity interval training on our treadmills, the efficiency of indoor rowing for increased power and the proven concept of weight training blocks to create the fitness level and body you have always desired. At Orangetheory Fitness, workout and weight loss plateaus are a thing of the past!

Perhaps you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, or maybe looking to ramp up your fitness routine. Either way, if you want to improve your overall fitness level or transform your body, Orangetheory fitness classes in Richmond Hill are made for you. Unlike other gyms in Richmond Hill, we offer small class group personal training, coached by certified personal trainers in a studio environment.

The Orangetheory exercise classes in Richmond Hill are comprised of three components: during each class, you’ll switch between treadmills, indoor rowing and weight room/resistance training blocks led by personal trainers. We even monitor 5 heart-rate zones, real time, throughout every workout! These Orange 60 sessions are open to all adults and teens, ages 16 and older. All fitness levels are welcome as our program is specifically designed for everyone from power walkers to elite performance athletes.

If weight loss is your goal, you can expect to see an estimated loss of three to five pounds per week by attending three to five sessions per week combined with proper nutritional planning. Our clients doing the Orangetheory interval training in Richmond Hill burn an estimated 500 to 1000 calories per workout.

If increased performance is your objective, you can expect to see an increase in power, speed and strength after your first two weeks of attending two to four group personal training sessions per week.

Our group personal training classes are simply the best fitness classes in Richmond Hill! Isn’t it time you gave it a try?
Our facilities:

Orangetheory Studios are designed to inspire you. The well-maintained, clean and contemporary space offered to Richmond Hill and Markham residents will make you feel energized and focused. From the lighting, to the music and inspirational words, Orangetheory is a new fitness experience that will electrify you!
With energetic music, a talented group of fitness coaches and a high-energy studio, you have the recipe for a workout that produces BIG and LASTING results.
Our passionate and dedicated Richmond Hill team will drive you to get the best burn for your fitness level so you can achieve optimum results!

Visit us today in Richmond Hill for a tour of our studio!


Small class studio

State-of-the-art equipment

Clean new facilities

High energy environment


Dedicated fitness advisors

Upbeat motivating music

Certified personal training coaches

Designated workout stations







Exercise classes Richmond hill
Fitness classes Richmond hill


Exercise classes Richmond hill

Fitness classes Richmond hill