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If you cannot attend your scheduled class at Orangetheory, we now only require 8 hours to cancel your class to avoid being charged as a no show. Cancelling in advance allows us to free up your spot for members who are waiting on the wait-list.  We appreciate your help with this!  Our previous national policy was 12 hours and due to feedback from members like yourself, our corporate policy changed in your favor. Thank you for your feedback! As a reminder: If you are a package holder, a basic, or elite member you will lose one of your sessions if you cancel with less than 8 hours notice. If you are a premier member, you will be charged.

Did you know? If you late cancel on your app, you are opening a spot for another member to take. If another member takes your spot, you will no longer lose your class or be charged the late cancel fee. So please make sure to cancel your class to release your spot. The sooner the better.

Did you know? Our studio phone number can receive text messages – please send a text to 289-809-8773 and we will reply as quickly as possible. When you receive an email that you’ve made it off the wait list and into a class, shoot us a quick reply or send a text to confirm your attendance!!

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  1. Nadia Iacoucci

    Good Morning,
    Can you please advise me as to how – I can place my membership on hold or if I need to cancel. I was in an accident a few years ago and had a bad back injury, the past month, this injury is coming back to haunt me. I have been advised to only do physio at the moment, and no strenuous workouts. We will be addressing this again in a month or so. I have been paying fees for the past couple months, and had attempted to come back in September, but have not been able to. If you can please let me know what I can do or should do this would be greatly appreciated.

    Nadia Iacoucci

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