Keeping those fitness resolutions | OTF

Each year on December 31, people set resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, and eat healthier in the upcoming New Year. Why do many of these best intentions fall by the wayside by March 1? Typically it’s because people start out with unrealistic goals, misjudging the difficulty of breaking deeply ingrained habits. Use these tips to make a realistic resolution and avoid becoming a statistic in 2016!

  • Change one habit. Changing too many habits at once can weaken willpower.
  • Write it down. Fitness logs boost willpower and increase the chances of habit change.
  • Give it time. It takes a minimum of 21 days to create a habit. Don’t give up too early.
  • Create rewards. Break your resolution into smaller goals and determine rewards for yourself when you achieve the smaller goals.
  • Be ready for relapses. New Year’s resolutions often meet their demise with the first relapse. Habit change is challenging and wandering off course does not mean give up rather a time to regroup and get back on course.


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