Don’t Let Those Holiday Calories Add Up!

The average American will consume more than their daily recommend calories in one meal! The average calories for Thanksgiving meal is around 3,000 with over 200g of fat in one sitting. That equates to 4 hours of running at base … Read More

Join our Transformation Inspiration

What can we say?!?! We know all of our members are A-MAY-ZING, but a handful of them have seen outstanding success with OTF and have transformed completely from where they started. We think these four individuals deserve to be in … Read More

Join us at the Santa Claus Parade

Richmond Hill has moved their annual Christmas celebration to Leslie Street on November 19th at 6pm  (which is quite convenient for us, we might add). We are going big this year with a full sized float, because we want everyone … Read More

Splat Bingo

For the entire month of November, we invite all members to play Splat Bingo!!! Pick up your card at the front desk and tackle those squares right up until November 30th. We need screenshots or photos for proof and you … Read More

Squat It Out

Does it really matter where we place our weights during a squat? Absolutely!!!  Weights On Shoulders The weight position dictates the joint angles and how your legs, hips and posterior chain are recruited. The back (or shoulder load squat) is … Read More

Wait Lists

We want to thank all of you for embracing our waitlist protocols – did you know that during the last week of October, we saw over 1000 members come through for Hell Week and most of the waitlisted class times … Read More