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Personal Training

Passionate. Experienced. Committed. Orangetheory Fitness provides some of the best personal trainers in Richmond Hill, coaching the absolute best classes of interval training in Richmond Hill! Unlike other gyms in Richmond Hill, we offer small class group personal training coached by certified personal trainers. You will find only the most passionate, friendly, and experienced personal trainers in our sessions, and they will motivate you to get going and get results!

At Orangetheory, you’ll get the energy of a group class with the attention of an experienced personal trainer. Our trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging and committed to helping you meet your fitness goals. Here are just a few advantages of working out with a personal trainer in a group setting.

Specialized Knowledge

Our Orangetheory personal trainers undergo rigorous instruction to help you get the most out of the program. Our certified personal trainers are health and fitness professionals who come with extensive knowledge regarding working out, physiology, nutrition, and injury prevention.

Customized Guidance

Our group personal trainers in Richmond Hill, like at all Orangetheory locations, provide instruction and coaching on floor training blocks, including less/more challenging options for each exercise. For members with previous injuries or physical limitations, our personal trainers provide customized guidance as well as expert tips for injury prevention, stretching, and exercise recovery.

Weight Loss Guidance

Ideal for weight loss, each of our classes are designed to burn 500 – 1000 calories. During each session, you’ll switch between treadmills, indoor rowing and weight room/resistance training blocks. We change up the workout, so you’ll never get bored or plateau and our personal trainers are there to help you through it all so you can see success!


Lose weight. Win big. The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge is the ideal opportunity to push yourself to shed pounds, feel better and possibly win some cash while you’re at it. And what’s a challenge without a little friendly competition? You and your fellow OTFers will be on a 6-week mission to meet your weight loss goals. Join us in Richmond Hill for our next weight loss challenge!

Efficient Workouts

Our Orangetheory group personal training classes are designed by our corporate industry experts using the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. It’s what burns calories after your workout and gives you noticeable, lasting results. With the expert guidance of our personal trainers, each 60 minute class provides a full body workout which includes a cardiovascular HIIT training component and a group personal training component. Our Orangetheory workouts are very time efficient!


One of the biggest draws of working with a personal trainer is that they are an important source of motivation. Having amazing fitness coaches leading our classes, means you get a boost of energy from the personal trainers and the rest of the group! Motivating coaches who know when to encourage you and when to push you is definitely a contributing factor to getting you committed to your weekly workouts! With consistency and determination, you are sure to achieve incredible results!

Come try a class with us in Richmond Hill and experience the best workout in the country!


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